How to Watch MX Player in USA (2024 Guide)
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How to Watch MX Player in USA (2024 Guide)

How to Watch MX Player in USA (2024 Guide)

Video streaming services and apps have ended sites that share copyrighted content. For example, you will hardly find working torrent websites today, but before 2016, Torrents used the best means to download movies & TV Shows.

These days, people subscribe to streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, etc., to watch their favorite movies and TV Shows. While these video streaming sites are great, they are not free.

If you are a student or can’t afford premium video streaming services, look for free movie streaming sites. A few video streaming sites and apps available on the web allow you to watch Movies & TV Shows for free.

One such site is MX Player, a free video service. Also, it’s completely legal to stream movies & TV shows with MX Player. However, the problem is that MX Player is only available in India.

What is MX Player?

How to Watch MX Player in USA

MX Player is a video player app for Android and iOS. Although the app started as a video player, it has grown to become a leading video streaming and on-demand platform in India.

Almost every video content available for streaming on MX Player is free. Also, it’s a legal website that holds the copyright content of the content it hosts in its app. So, you can stream Movies & TV Shows for free with MX Player without worrying about any legal issues.

Due to its amazing video content, users outside India also want to access the app. However, since MX Player is only available in a few countries, it is challenging to unblock MX Player outside India.

Is MX Player available in the US?

If you live in the USA, you might have somehow accessed MXPlayer’s video catalog and found it unique. This is why you have landed on this page: you are looking for ways to run MXPlayer outside India.

So, now the actual question is, ‘Is MXPlayer available in the USA’? Well, NO! MXPlayer is primarily designed for Asian countries and isn’t accessible in the USA without bypassing or unblocking.

As mentioned above, MX Player is a video service available only for Indian users. If you live in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or any other unsupported country, you need to use VPN or Proxy server to unblock MX Player.

Best VPN to Unblock MX Player

VPN seems to be the best option for watching MX Player in the USA. However, the problem is that most free PC VPNs fail to unblock MX Player in the USA. So, it’s recommended that you use a premium VPN to access MX Player outside India.

1. NordVPN


If you live in the USA and are looking for options to access MX Player, you should try NordVPN. NordVPN has many servers available in the USA. There are 5000+ servers available on the VPN app spread across 60 countries.

You can use NordVPN to access MX Player in almost every country. Like every VPN service provider, NordVPN provides amazing support and features.

You also get amazing features like threat protection, mesh net, dark web monitor, dedicated IP address, Kill Switch, etc., with the premium version of NordVPN.

2. Expressvpn


ExpressVPN is another of the best premium VPN apps on the list, and you can use it to watch MX Player outside India. The VPN service provides you with high-speed servers across 94 countries.

Like every other VPN app, Expressvpn can also make you appear in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. Apart from unblocking MX Player, Expressvpn has features that protect you from security breaches.

If we talk about the pricing, ExpressVPN is a bit more expensive than NordVPN, but it’s well worth the price. The VPN is available for Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, Linux, Chrome, etc.,

3. Proton VPN


Proton VPN is a high-speed Swiss VPN that protects your privacy. Unlike the above two VPNs, which require a subscription, Proton VPN is completely free to download and use.

Proton VPN is also available for every platform. If you are searching for ways to watch MX Player in the USA from your Android or iPhone, you can use the Proton VPN app.

Proton VPN app is available for Android and iPhone, and you can get it free from the app stores. However, since it’s a free VPN, you can expect slower browsing and streaming speeds.

4. CyberGhost

Cyberghost VPN

CyberGhost used to be a free VPN, but it recently ended its free plan. It’s now a full-fledged premium VPN service with optimized servers and more country choices.

You can use CyberGhost to unblock and watch MX Player in the USA or Canada. However, you may manually connect to different servers to find one that unblocks the site and the app.

Regarding availability, CyberGhost is available for Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also use it on your Android TV, Smart TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, etc.

5. Surfshark

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark is probably the best VPN for video streaming on MX Player. It offers short—and long-term plans, and every plan comes with a money-back guarantee.

This means if you are not satisfied with the product, you can get your money back. To watch MX Player outside India, Surfshark provides more than 3200 global server choices in 99 countries.

Surfshark’s premium plans have no bandwidth restrictions, and you can connect all your devices at once. Overall, Surfshark is a great VPN for watching MX Player outside India.

So, these are the few best VPN apps to unblock MX Player in the USA. You can connect to these VPN servers and can watch MX Player anywhere in the world.

How to Run MX Player on PC

Well, the VPNs we mentioned are available for both desktop and mobile. So, you can also use those VPNs to watch MX Player on a PC in the USA.

However, running MX Player on PC could be complicated, but it’s possible. We have shared a detailed guide on how to download and run MX Player on PC.

So, go through that guide to discover how to run MX Player on a PC.

So, that’s all about how to watch MX Player in the USA or any other unsupported country. If you need more help accessing or unblocking MX Player, let us know in the comments. Also, if the article helped you, share it with your friends.