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Мы любим создавать особенные сладости Соленая карамель Нежная текстура соленой карамели от Kaarme, сведёт с…
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To understand Britain’s malaise, visit Shildon – the town that refused to die | Aditya Chakrabortty

People will blame Brexit, Boris and austerity, but this country’s demise goes back decades – and shows no signs of stoppingIn 1951, the county of Durham condemned 114 villages to a slow death. The older, smaller coalmines were approaching exhaustion, which meant, officials said, “many of the rows of houses which grew up around the pitheads have outlived their usefulness”. These “rows of houses” were homes to 100,000 adults and children. Now they were designated Category D.D for de-industrial. D for demolish. D for decline. Families living there would receive no more investment: neither electric lights nor doctors’ surgeries. Before their homes were torn down, they were expected to move out or die out.Many refused to do either. This weekend, I visited some hamlets just outside the town of Shildon, in south-west Durham. About seven decades after the order for their execution, rows of small houses were still standing. Some were boarded up; others had cars parked neatly outside. On this afternoon of bright sun and biting wind, men stood like sentinels outside their front doors and kids growled by on dirt bikes. Eldon, Coundon Grange, Coronation: these former pit communities were half-populated, half alive. It was eerie and melancholy, but it was not death.If Durham’s category-D villages are remembered today, it is as historical curiosities, summoned up by black and white footage and oral testimony. Yet these settlements without a future offered a foretaste of perhaps the central political issue of our time: how do people live when money has discarded them?Aditya Chakrabortty is a Guardian columnist Continue reading…

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Мы любим создавать особенные сладости Соленая карамель Нежная текстура соленой карамели от Kaarme, сведёт с ума любого, даже самого стойкого любителя сладостей Халва Любимая вкусная халва от Kaarme гарантированно поднимет настроение и будет радовать вас каждый день. Доставка Вы всегда можете порадовать своих близких натуральными, а главное невероятно вкусными десертами Kaarme, которые мы доставим Наша […]

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How to Fix Pop-Up Alerts Won’t Go Away on iPhone

Your iPhone can show pop-up alerts occasionally for various purposes. Notifications are different from Pop-up alerts, and they don’t ruin your mobile experience. Sometimes, Pop-up Alerts on your iPhone can prevent you from making or accepting a call or accessing apps, and in the worst case, the pop-up alerts may stick to your screen and […]
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How to Watch MX Player in USA (2024 Guide)

Video streaming services and apps have ended sites that share copyrighted content. For example, you will hardly find working torrent websites today, but before 2016, Torrents used the best means to download movies & TV Shows. These days, people subscribe to streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, etc., to watch their favorite movies and […]
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When Rishi Sunak speaks, the nation shrugs. There’s no coming back from that | Rafael Behr

Flirting with leaving the European court of human rights has failed to move the dial for the PM, and has highlighted his deficienciesRishi Sunak is not a deep-cover agent of the Labour party, but politics might not look very different if the prime minister were on a secret mission to make life easier for Keir Starmer.To achieve this feat, special operative Sunak would occupy positions expected of a Conservative leader, but in a way that minimised public enthusiasm and maximised division in his own party. Continue reading…