15 Best SoundCloud Alternatives For Music Streaming in 2024
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15 Best SoundCloud Alternatives For Music Streaming in 2024

Hundreds of music streaming apps are available on the Google Play Store for Android. Only a few of them had left their mark out of all those. Apps like Spotify, Soundcloud, Gaana, etc., are now the most famous music streaming apps, and millions of users now use them.

SoundCloud is the best music app available for Android and iOS. The app allows you to follow artists and discover new music. Not only that, but SoundCloud also serves as a platform for music creators to distribute their music content.

However, now that the competition is too tight, SoundCloud faces difficulty surviving in the music section. Also, it’s running out of innovation, and the user interface looks old & boring. So, if you also think the same, then it’s time to consider its alternative.

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This article will share some of the best SoundCloud alternatives to stream music. So, let’s check out the best SoundCloud alternatives.

1. ReverbNation


ReverbNation is one of the best SoundCloud alternatives you can consider. It’s a platform that aims to help artists gain exposure in the music industry.

You can join as an artist and earn money through your audio on ReverbNation. It also has many other features like Soundcloud, but its main intent was to give exposure to music artists. Overall, ReverbNation is an excellent SoundCloud alternative that you can consider.

2. Spotify


When it comes to music streaming, nothing can beat Spotify. Spotify is now the most famous streaming service for listening to music and following artists.

On Spotify, you can easily browse through the albums, genres, record labels, etc. Not only that, but it also allows users to create playlists.

3. Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Well, Amazon Music is a music service owned by Amazon. You can access this music service for free if you are an Amazon Prime member.

Regarding the music content, Amazon Music provides you access to over two million songs. Also, you can listen to top playlists with unlimited skips and offline listing features.

4. Bandcamp


Bandcamp might not be the best SoundCloud alternative, but it serves a great purpose. It’s a microsite platform for both musicians and bands.

Bandcamp might be the best pick if you are looking for a platform to share your creative art. The thing that makes Bandcamp different is that it doesn’t charge users to upload their work.

5. Mixcloud


If you are looking for a free, limitless music-sharing and discovery platform for sharing your music talent, look no other than MixCloud. The site is excellent for both listeners and creators. Creators can showcase their talents, whereas listeners can listen and judge the work.

6. HearThis


It’s another best and top-rated audio distribution platform instead of Soundcloud.

The great thing is that you can share and promote your original music here and get feedback. For listeners, the platform allows users to search for music by genre, length, upload date, views, etc.

7. Audiomack


Audiomack is another best Soundcloud alternative on the list that you can consider. The music service is made for both listeners and creators. As a creator, you can upload your work to get the potential reach.

You can discover and listen to new and trending songs as a listener. Audiomack is more interesting because it allows listeners to like, repost, and share songs on social networking sites.

8. YouTube Music

YouTube Music

Want to discover new music? Give YouTube Music a try. YouTube Music has a unique feature called ‘Hotlist,’ which lists all trending songs.

The Hotlist section of YouTube Music could be enough to feed your hunger for new and unlimited music. It also shows music recommendations based on taste, location, and time of day.

9. Apple Music

Apple Music

If you use Apple devices like Mac or iPhone, you must try Apple Music. Apple Music is one of the best alternatives to SoundCloud, but the only drawback is that it’s best enjoyed when you are in Apple’s ecosystem.

Regarding the features, Apple Music provides unlimited access to millions of songs. You can hear your favorite artists, listen to broadcast radio stations, create a profile, follow friends to see what they listen to, etc.

10. Pandora


Pandora is one of the top-rated music streaming apps available for Android, iOS, and desktop users. The service has both free and premium plans. The free account is limited to a few features, but you can unlock some beneficial features with the premium version.

Features like unlimited skips, better audio quality, ad-free music, etc., were unlocked only with the premium account.



TIDAL is one of the biggest competitors of Spotify. It offers a lossless audio experience and high-fidelity sound quality, allowing you to stream music like never before.

If we compare TIDAL with Soundcloud, both platforms share many similarities. Both platforms bring fans and artists together through music content.

Regarding the pricing, TIDAL is a premium music streaming service, you can use it for free, but there will be limited content and ad interruptions.

12. Deezer


Deezer may not be the best Soundcloud alternative, but it’s still a great option. This one is a music streaming site that has lots of music content to offer.

As of now, Deezer has over 75 million tracks that you can listen to for free. You also get the option to create song playlists, offline playback support, and more.

The only disadvantage of Deezer is its unavailability. Deezer is only available in selected countries, and you need to purchase its premium version to unlock all features.



QOBUZ is a bit different than SoundCloud. It’s a French music service that allows you to rent and purchase music.

You can use QOBUZ for free for one month, and after that, you need to subscribe to a premium plan that starts at $17.99/month.

The main selling point of QOBUZ is its ultimate music quality. The music streaming quality is very high and is much superior to SoundCloud.

14. BeatStars


BeatStars is a bit different than most other apps on the list. It’s basically a beats streaming platform designed for creators to find their next hit song.

You can take this as a Beats marketplace with over 8 million tracks ready for purchase.

If you aren’t a creator, you can listen to the app’s recommended music. The app recommends beats based on your listening habits.

15. SoundClick


SoundClick is not exactly meant for music streaming, but it has an extensive collection of music content you may find interesting.

The user interface of SoundClick isn’t a strong point, but it does offer a great platform for music creators to showcase their creativity and earn money.

So, these are the best SoundCloud alternatives that you can use for music streaming. You listen to music or share your own on these platforms. Let us know in the comments if you know of other such sites.