15 Best Photo Resizer Apps For Android in 2024
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15 Best Photo Resizer Apps For Android in 2024

Over the past few years, the technology around us has changed. These days, smartphones have as many as four cameras. Naturally, we can’t resist our urge to capture pictures with such high-end camera specifications. Smartphones are the best tool to quickly share captured images via social media apps.

However, we often find that the image is too large to be shared at the time of sharing. Not just size, but we also deal with problems related to image size, like different aspect ratios, different file formats, etc.

So, to deal with such issues, we need to use photo resizer apps. With photo resizer apps, you can easily set a different aspect ratio or crop out the unnecessary parts of a photo.

So, in this article, we have decided to share a few best Android apps that would help you resize any image. With these apps, you can easily resize and reduce the size of the images without compromising on quality.

1. Pixlr


Pixlr is a full-fledged photo editing app available on the Google Play Store. It offers you every photo editing tool you can think of. The latest version of Pixlr for Android also has a resizer tool.

The resize tool of Pixlr can be used to crop and resize images. Some other features of Pixlr include adding effects, borders, and other elements to photos.

2. Instasize


Instasize is an Android app that lets you resize any image to fit on any social networking platform or instant messaging app. It’s basically a toolkit for social content creators to apply premium filters, borders, and adjustments to the photos.

Besides the resize tool, Instasize includes a collage maker, text editor, 80+ filters, and more. Overall, Instasize is an excellent app for resizing photos on an Android smartphone.

3. Image Size – Photo Resizer

Image Size - Photo Resizer

It’s one of the best Android apps available that can be used to resize an image to whatever size you would like.

The key thing is that it lets you specify the output format using one of the following four units of measurement – Pixels, Millimeters, centimeters, Inches, etc.

4. Photo & Picture Resizer

Photo & Picture Resizer

As the app’s name says, Photo & Picture Resizer is another best Android app that could help you resize and reduce your picture size.

The application is pretty fast and easy to use. It’s a free app that supports batch resizing as well. Apart from that, it doesn’t alter the original pictures.

5. PicTools


If you are searching for a multi-purpose image tool for your Android device, then PicTools might be your best pick.

It lets you resize, crop, convert, and compress the images. What’s more interesting is that it can convert images to PDF format. Not only that, but it also has offline support, Exif support, and batch file processing.

6. Image Crop

Image Crop

Image Crop is for those searching for an easy-to-use Android app for cropping photos and videos. It lets you rotate, resize, flip, and crop pictures.

The app also provides users with photo editing features like text effects, background removal, color adjustment, etc. So, Image Crop is another best Android app to resize photos.

7. Photo Resizer

Photo Resizer

Well, it’s a fast and easy-to-use image optimizer tool that gives your digital images a perfect size to suit a wide range of applications.

With Photo Resizer, you can either resize your photos or compress them. It also offers a few other useful features like batch conversion, batch resize options, etc.

8. Photo Resizer – Image Compressor

Photo Resizer – Image Compressor

Photo Resizer – Image Compressor is one of Android’s best image editing tools. Although the app is meant for cropping images, it has advanced features.

For instance, you can set compression quality before compressing images, choose your width and height to resize photos, etc.

9. TinyPhoto


Although not famous, TinyPhoto is still one of the best Android apps for resizing photos. The great thing about TinyPhoto is that it offers features like batch conversion, photo resizing, and photo cropping. You can also use the app to convert your images.

It supports JPEG to PNG or PNG to JPEG conversion. So, TinyPhoto is another of the best photo resizer apps for Android.

10. Image Crop

Image Crop

Although it’s made for cropping images, it can also be used for other purposes. For instance, you can use Image Crop to flip an image, rotate an image, resize images, etc.

The good thing about Image Crop is that it also supports video cropping & resizing. That means you can also crop videos with a different aspect ratio.

11. Photo Tools

Photo Tools

Photo Tools is one of the best Android apps for resizing photos without any quality loss. The photo resizer app for Android has all the features you would need to resize the image size.

By reducing the photo size, you also save some space. Apart from that, Photo Tools also allows you to crop images, convert your image to a different format, etc.

12. Croc Photo

Croc Photo

Croc Photo is for those searching for a feature-rich yet lightweight photo resizer app for Android. The app lets you resize your images in any format easily.

The app also brings you some pre-set templates for photo resizing. You just need to pick the popular ones from categories such as Instagram posts, stories, IG reels, Facebook posts, covers, etc.

After resizing the photos, you also get an option to round the edges of the photo. Overall, Croc Photo is an excellent photo resizer app for Android.

13. LitPhoto


LitPhoto is a photo compressor and resizer app that is heavily popular on the Google Play Store. The app lets you reduce your picture size and resolution in just a few taps.

One of the app’s key features is that it supports Batch compression. Batch compression allows you to compress or resize multiple photos in a single tap.

14. Photo Resizer HD

Photo Resizer HD

If you want a no-fuss & lightweight Photo Resizer app for Android, look no other than Photo Resizer HD. It’s an ultimate app for Android that lets you resize single or multiple images.

Some key features of Photo Resizer HD include batch resizing photos, photo editing tools for basic editing, the option to keep the EXIF tags, and more. Also, it provides you an option to share photos directly to other apps after the resize.

15. Image Compress and Resize

Image Compress and Resize

Image Compress and Resize, or DotPhoto, is an Android app for compressing large photos into smaller sizes. The app claims to compress your images while retaining their quality.

For reducing the image size, you get an option to change the image size, file size, or compromise some of its quality.

Like other apps on the list, Image Compress and Resize also support batch compression and photo comparison before the compression.

Photo Resizing is easy on Android, thanks to these free apps. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. Also, if you know of other such apps, let us know in the comment box below.