12 Best Random Chat Apps for iPhone (Anonymous Chat Apps)
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12 Best Random Chat Apps for iPhone (Anonymous Chat Apps)

On desktop computers, you can use a site named Omegle to chat with strangers. Sites like Omegle are useful, especially when you feel very low and alone. However, Omegle doesn’t have an Android or iOS app; hence, if you want to chat with strangers on your mobile devices, you must look for other ways out.

Since we have already shared a list of the best Random chat apps for Android, today, we will discuss the same for iPhone. Like Android, iPhone also has quite a few apps that allow you to chat with strangers for free.

You must find and install those apps on your iPhone and start chatting with strangers immediately. So, if you are looking for the best Random chat apps for iPhone, you have landed on the right page.

This article will list some of the best free strangers chat apps for iPhone. You can use these apps when you’ve no one to talk to but desperately want to speak. Here are the best apps.

1. Addchat


Well, Addchat is a premium random chat app for iPhone on the list that allows you to connect with strangers. It’s not a regular text chat application; it lets you see users from your country.

You can check all strangers available on the app with a monthly subscription. And since it’s a premium app, Addchat has no bot or spam users.

It’s one of the best random chat apps available for iPhone with weekly, monthly, or yearly packs.

2. Connected2.me


Connected2.me is one of the best iPhone apps on the list, providing anonymous chat options. With Connected2.me, you can easily connect with a random user and start a chat session.

The iPhone anonymous chat app also offers useful features like the Shuffle to see who’s online and available for chat, share your story, etc.

Connected2.me is a great iPhone app to share secrets and confess your feelings, thoughts, emotions, and other secrets freely with random users. The app ensures that your confessions always remain anonymous.

3. Chatous


Well, the Chatous app for iPhone got many negative reviews, but it’s a free app that you can use to connect with a random user. It’s basically an iPhone app that lets you chat with people worldwide about the topics you care about.

While the app is not advertised as ‘Strangers chat’ as you are required to create an account, you can still use it for random chats.

You need to create an account with a random app that starts finding people interested in topics you care about. The good thing about Chatous is that it lets you find people with the #hashtags.

4. Wakie Chat

Wakie Chat

Wakie Chat is very similar to the Chatous application listed just above. However, Wakie Chat claims to be a stranger chat application for iPhone. It allows you to express feelings with strangers.

You can take Wakie Chat as a social app to create a topic and start a discussion. Through discussion, you can find the right person to chat with.

The good thing about the Wakie Chat app is that it supports both voice and text chat options. However, you must manually set the privacy settings to make yourself fully anonymous in Wakie Chat.

5. MeetMe


MeetMe isn’t an anonymous chat app, but you can still use it to connect with strangers. The iOS app helps you find new people nearby who share similar interests and are available for chat.

Over 100+ million users now use the app, which is great for making new friends. While the app is free, it has an optional premium subscription service called MeetMe+.

MeetMe+ offers you more features, but the monthly plans are expensive. Overall, MeetMe is a decent stranger chat app for iOS.

6. Anonymous Chat Rooms

Anonymous Chat Rooms 1

As you might have guessed from the name, Anonymous Chat Rooms is an app that provides chat rooms or one-to-one anonymous chats. The app has a decent number of active users and is one of the best apps for connecting and chatting with strangers.

It’s an anonymous chat app for Android where you can start a chat without setting any name, gender, location information, etc. So, if you are searching for the best iPhone app to chat with strangers to have fun or kill time, then Anonymous Chat Rooms could be an ideal choice.

7. TalkLife


TalkLife is an iPhone app for those battling mental health, anxiety, and depression. It’s an anonymous chat app for iPhone that lets you connect with others and chat.

The app has a very active community of like-minded, supported people who always come forward to advise and give support. The app’s user interface is very simple and shows fewer ads.

Another best thing about TalkLife is that there are zero bots or spam. All users were active on the list and were very supportive.

8. Twiq


Twiq isn’t a very popular app, but it’s good enough for meeting new friends and writing anonymously in a private chat. It’s a very simple anonymous chat app for iPhone that lets you chat with active users from your area.

Twiq live feature allows you to quickly find users who are currently online and available for chat. The app also has a private chat option where you can send messages and photos without revealing your identity.

The photos you send on the chat are automatically deleted after 10 seconds. It also has subscription plans that provide additional features in the app.

9. ChatOften


If you are searching for an iPhone app that can instantly connect you to a stranger for chat, look no other than ChatOften. ChatOften is a stranger chat app for iPhone that connects you to a stranger.

You can connect and talk to random strangers on any topic of your interest. You can share your secrets and get motivation from them. The good thing about ChatOften is that you don’t need to create an account or enter your name.

Everything on this app remains private, and the platform has less spam. The only drawback of ChatOften is that it doesn’t have many active users, and you often have to wait for more to get a random connection.

10. Sky


Sky isn’t very popular, but it’s still one of the best iPhone apps to find strangers and chat with them. The app provides free anonymous chat without registration, has a nice user interface, and more.

To get started with Sky, you need to download & install the app, input your interests, and set the language, gender, and age of the person you’re interested in. The app will automatically find & connect you with a stranger who fulfills your interests.

11. Random Chat with Strangers

Random Chat with Strangers

Random Chat with Strangers is a very popular iPhone app that provides a free chat room for messaging strangers.

The app is known for its cool chat rooms, self-destructing messages, and more. The app also has a paid system that provides better features.

12. Nowchat


Nowchat is a random video chat app for iPhone that you can get from the Apple App Store. This one is a bit different, requiring a subscription to function.

The app is pretty simple; you get to create an account and start video chatting with strangers.

The free version of Nowchat provides you with limited features; hence, purchasing a subscription is very important to make the most out of the app.

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All the apps listed in the article were available on the Apple app store and can be downloaded for free. So, these are some of the best anonymous chat apps for iPhone that you can use today. If you want to suggest any other anonymous chat apps for iPhone, let us know in the comments below.